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September 1, 2012
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  1. Debug current Zune codebase and,where possible, improve existing MUI 3.x compatibility adding missing functions and fixing current broken features: proper MUIA_ShowMe handling + redrawing, Implementing MUIM_Application_Save/Load for most of classes, Dataspace class/Import/Export, etc...
  2. Implement in Zune those MUI 4 functions and features that are needed to compile Fab1's OWB web browser, which currently only runs on MorphOS.
  3. Implement a new API of Dtpic class.
  4. Move List class and its child from Area children to Group children and implement all new features and APIs of these classes.
  5. Implement Title class.
  6. Implement new API of Family class.
  7. Implement new API of Area class.
  8. Implement new API of Group class.
  9. Implement new API of menu classes.
  10. Implement Process class. This bounty should be closed as soon as it will be possible to compile and use Fab1's OWB web browser on AROS with all its features that are available to users running MorphOS 2.x and the included MUI 4 toolkit.


This project had been worked on previously by Krzysztof Smiechowicz who had the following to say about his progress:


"The work is around 20% done. All improved code has been committed to both ABI V0 and ABI V1 branches.

Top three biggest tasks left:
a) ListTree class - implement the actual tree handling, right now it is an ugly hack on top of a regular list
b) Title class - complete the implementation, right now the basics needed for tab management in Odyssey work, but a number of functions are not implemented
c) Dtpic class - the private API used by Odyssey needs to be implemented

The status of the numbered project requirements are as follows:

1,3,4,9 - not started
2,5 - partially done
6,7,8,10 - done"

Andrei S
John Browne
Edward Berger
Gerd K
Wawrzyniec Tokarski
Heinz-Raphael Reinke
Nikolaos Tomatsidis
Stefan Von Straten
Mats W
Michael S
Sascha W
Stefan Leitner
Andreas H
Henrik Klang
Johannes Genberg
Marek Grabowski
Massimo Rossi
Роман Каргин
Gianfranco G
Carsten M
Adam D
Christopher Büchse
Lloyd Blommaert
Moya J McG
Paul Fisher
Stefan B
Stephen J
Jyrki Koivisto
Bryan M
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