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power2people is a non-profit organization operating from Washington D.C. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, low-cost, state-of-the-art communications and collaboration services to emerging communities. The ultimate aim is to grow the local economy rapidly thereby improving quality of life for the community through better education, health care and living standards.

In addition to the software development supported through this site, power2people has also organized complete projects such as the Solar Power Wireless Network. This network supported an Internet Learning Center in Tanzania in collaboration with the Women´s Global Connection. Resources available from this project online include: a Solar Panel Installation guide, a Wireless Network Installation guide, and a list of the components necessary to assemble such a system.


Via power2people or directly from Genesi, Genesi has supported numerous open source development communities and projects since 2003 through this site or PowerDeveloper.org. During this period, Genesi products shipped to over 125 countries. Between 2003 and 2015, more than 1200 computers and development boards have been donated to various open source software groups, educational institutions, and charitable organizations. Genesi has also provided human and financial resources to support these activities.

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