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January 1, 2007
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Workbook is a minimalistic desktop for AROS 68k. Today its usability is quite limited. This bounty aims at extending the available functions to become a replacement of Workbench as found in AmigaOS 3.1.

Bounty will be completed when these functionalities are available in Workbook:

  • Support standard AmigaOS3.1 .info files
  • Manually position & snapshot / unsnapshot icons and windows
  • Drag & drop icons to copy / move (the icon being moved must be shown below the mouse pointer while dragging occurs)
  • Make new directories
  • Delete files & directories
  • Rename files & directories
  • View / edit file information / tooltypes
  • Leave out / put away
  • Make Show All Files / Show Only Icons work as per description

This functionality needs to be available in the ROM version of Workbook, that is booting a disk only containing the LoadWB command will allow usage of Workbook with these functionalities.

Additionaly the following functionalities can be added at the discretion of the developer:

  • Support for the Tool menu
  • List-view mode (view + manage files as in icon mode)

These functionalities are not required to mark the bounty as completed.

Kolbjørn Barmen
Olaf Schoenweiss
Stephen J
Robert Wicksall
Gerd K
Marco "huepper" Malz
Chris Owen
johan jonsson
Krzysztof S
Sascha Wintz
Brasiou Fondation
Erhard Furtner
Matt Parsons
Norbert Kett
Jorge Manuel Leal Ruivo
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