Port an Open Source Browser To AROS
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Stanisław Szymczyk
January 1, 2007
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Port of an internet browser rendering engine to AROS + small Browser to make it usable.

(Special note: The assigned developer has decided to base his port on the OWB web browser.)


Short: Port of an rendering engine (like WebKit, KHTML or Gecko, -not limited to these) to AROS, plus a small Aros Zune based browser to make it usable. There has to be a clean seperation between the engine and the UI, so that the engine can be turned (later) into an .library, .mcc or something similar to use in your favourite application.


Licence: Preferably released under the AROS licence if possible, but to be decided depending on orginal licence. Please be aware that this must be a full open sourced project.


What should be done in bounty release:

  • XMLHttpRequest
  • CSS/text rendering
  • basic javascript support
  • unicode/utf support * jpg, gif, png images support


Optional: Everything you seem fit a modern engine. Ideally the engine is turned into an own .mcc (like the HTMLview.mcc) or .library at bounty release, so that it can be used in other applications.


Required: Small Aros Zune based browser that uses datatypes and the rendering engine mentioned above. The browser should be able to display e.g. AROS-EXEC, Slashdot and GMail correctly.


Optional: You can add things like tabs, bookmarks or other goodies but it is not necessary for bounty release.

Emmanuel L
Volker W
Tom C
Nikolaos T
Paolo B
Krzysztof Ś
Allan C
Robert D
Alexander G
Lorenzo D
Tor S
Gerd K
Matthias R
Nuno C
Sebastian W
Antonis I
Magnus A
Martin H
William O
Asaf A
Brad M
John B
Troels E
Ricardo R
Andrea P
Chris T
Terry P
Michael S
Mats W
Mattias C
Jan K
Ralph B
Richard P
Samuel V
Tibor E
Arnljot A
Chris O
Daniel H
Daniel N
Frederic K
Marc L
Margaret H
Maurizio D
Tomasz P
Holger V
Randy V
Drew H
Krzysztof A
Nikolaos D
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