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Chris Hodges
January 1, 2007
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This project aims to provide funding for a major enhancement of Wanderer. This entails:

  • Bring wanderer to a level equal to the original workbench. AppMenu/Icon/Window support must be functional, as well as all normal menu operations. The Arexx functionality needs to be implemented and working with all supported commands from workbench. Icon/Detail views need to be working correctly, including resizing/reordering columns in detail view.
  • Rework the internals of wanderer to allow plugins that extend or provide new functionality. Existing functionality that is “above” the level provided by wanderer should be moved into separate plugins so that users/distribution builders can provide those they deem appropriate.
  • Implement menu handling in such a way that plugins can directly manipulate the entire Wanderer menu structure, instead of just having access to the tools menu as is traditionally made available via AppMenu’s.
  • Ensure keyboard input handling allows wanderer to be used when a mouse is unavailable. This includes navigation aswell as basic handling of selected files (deleting etc).
  • Provide support for context sensitive menu options via defaulticon’s. base defaulticons should be able to expose new menu commands displayed when specific icons are selected.
  • Rework enumeration handling so that child threads are used to handle IO. This allows the windows to remain responsive while operations are being performed.
  • Implement buffering for the iconlist rendering to remove flickering when working with the iconlist view.


Some behaviour changes will occur -:

  1. Behaviour for displaying contents of alien volumes (e.g. with no .info file) will be user settable in the prefs.
  2. File handling on the same volume will default to moving instead of copying.
  3. Selection handling will be reworked to allow single click launching, etc, to allow easier use on tablets and other non-mouse based input devices.


Additionally the following plugins will be provided.

  1. The current location input “toolbar” implemented as a separate plugin, which also provides location history for the window. The location input also displays an icon representation of the current location, and adds drop support for changing locations when an icon is dropped upon it.
  2. The status bar implemented as a plugin.
  3. The existing “AROS” specific menu options moved to a separate plugin.
  4. A new “Drawer” navigation panel plugin, that allows easier single window file management and navigation. Enumeration of locations is handled by the main wanderer classes and displayed as a tree.
  5. A thumbnail plugin that replaces the icon handling in wanderer with the ability to display thumbnails of supported media files (via datatypes).
  6. A network location plugin that serves as a place holder for additional network location plugins.
  7. An SMB browser plugin that enumerates SMB services available on the network. Access to network shares is done by dynamically mounting the chosen shares via SMBFS, as needed.


N.B – by default, and with no plugins – wander will look and feel like workbench.

Vidar H
Gerd K
Serdar Boran
Pascal P
Robert Wilson
Andreas H
N Tromans
Wawrzyniec Tokarski
Christopher Ream
Joachim Zeiler
Carsten M
Rafael Copado Diaz
Stefan Leitner
David Martinez
Guido Ling
John Collins
Sandro Barbagelata
Cícero Zanoni
Fiona Bennett
Jorge Manuel Leal Ruivo
Miloslav Martinka
Tobias F
Каргин Роман
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