Touch Pad Usability Enhancements
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Pavel Fedin
January 1, 2007
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The aim of this bounty is to enhance the usability of the AROS user interface on systems equipped with touch pads (such as netbooks, smartbooks and laptops), by providing a better method to access to the system and applications menus. The current method is difficult to use in conjunction with touch pads, as it requires the user to keep the right pad button pressed and slide another finger across the pad to navigate the menus at the same time.




Implement the option to activate the menu bar with a double click approach on the right mouse button. First click: The menu bar is activated and stays active after the button is released, with the menus showing up when highlighted by the pointer. Second click: This action shall activate any menu entry or deactivate the menu bar so it returns to its normal status. Implement the same double click approach for the Left Mouse Button as an alternative option. The menu bar will be activated by a simple left click or tap only when the cursor is above the menu bar. Second click of the same button activates any menu entry or deactivates the menu bar so it returns to its normal status. These two options should be made available either through a commodity to be launched from the commodities drawer, or through two alternative options to be selected in the system preferences.

Maurizio Di F
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