Port Scalos To AROS
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Matthias Rustler
October 31, 2020
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June 30, 2014 - Samuel Crow Will Assist Development

Port Scalos To AROS

A port of Scalos to AROS with as target an archive that can be used to install the software. The following tasks need to be done:

  • Adapt build environment to work with AROS (cross)compiler.
  • Port main program and support libraries
  • Port Plugins, Modules and datatypes
  • Port support programs like prefs programs (possibly improve Zune to work with the Scalos MUI programs). - Remove possible endianness problems
  • Make installing as easy as possible. (I don t think we have already a working replacement for the installer program, so it has to be installed in another way).


License: Closed source, however, premission has been given to add binaries to AROS SVN and to AROS Distros.

Pascal P
Francois Gutherz
Stefan L
Fabio Falcucci
Nikolaos T
Gerd K
Carsten M
Erik C
Ernest Crowe
Paolo B
Randy V
Robert W
Sandro Barbagelata
Serdar B
Andreas H
Anatoliy Sova
Russ Brown
Christopher Ream
Jan Zahurancik
Guiberteau Fabien
José Francisco Manera
Krzysztof S.
Tomasz P
Nuno C
Bryan M
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