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Chris Hodges
January 1, 2007
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AROS Package Format and Management Tools



Provide a working environment for installing, updating and maintaining Packages on AROS platforms


Package File Format: Provide a suitable Package Format for installing and distributing AROS software. You will neeed to provide a means for storing all a packages necessary components in a single file preferably using a standard archive file format which must be suitable for use within AROS. You should provide means for packages to describe themselves, and for them to handle scripts necessary for the Package Manager and Installer to correctly utilise the packages as described below. You must idnetify and document all the components necessary to make packages work as intended. Packages must be provided using a namespace suitable for multiple architectures and versioning or date


Package Manager: Must be able to check installed Packages on an AROS system and allow users to upgrade from online sources seereferencenumber1 or localy stored packages. Package Installation will involve Package Manager retrieving the correct packages, extracting them as necessary, and passing the correct scripts to the AmigaOS / AROS Installer. Users must be able to Install, Uninstall and Validate Installations using the Package Manager. Dependencies for packages should be handled by the Package Manager but processed via the Installer


Package Repository: Implement and document a working repository for AROS software which can be utilised by the AROS Package Manager to upgrade/install components on an AROS platform. See note number1 Packages must be identifiable for a particular platform, installable via the package manager, and should be available via applicable software categories.


Package Installation: By providing a Front end to or by updating Installer itself, enable the Installer to handle the scripts used by the AROS Package Manager. It must be able to Check Dependencies, Install, Uninstall and Validate a Package installation via standard AmigaOS style Installer scripts.


Note Number 1: preferably using a distributed technology such as torrents

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