Graphics subsystem enhancement
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Pavel Fedin
January 1, 2007
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Rework the existing gfx.hidd/graphics.library and hardware HIDD drivers so that they expose a new display object which provides an API to the operations, attributes and data needed to display output on an individual output.


Drivers need to be launchable from within a running AROS environment with information about available displays useable. It should be possible to open a HIDD, and create a bitmap on an available display when the main system is already using a different gfx hidd/display.


Graphics.library should be made to work correctly through the new display objects so that existing graphic operations should work correctly for multiple displays. Via the new display class itself or with a custom class individual displays should be able to expose more control than is currently available. i.e. Screenmode preferences should query the display or a custom class and be able to set the correct frequency for a monitor.


Screenmode prefs should be fixed to display available -screens/displays- with the correct available resolutions for each.


Iprefs must be made able to load the correct HIDD for a chosen system during boot and cause workbench to open on it.

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