Gallium3D based Software/Hardware 3D
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Krzysztof Śmiechowicz
January 1, 2007
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Based on the Gallium3D project, implement a hidd based 3D subsystem capable of hardware acceleration.



  1. Implement the main Gallium3D modules and software fallback modules as AROS style hidds. (Update: Developer aims to also merge his work with the existing 2D driver and add 2D support for cards never than GF6XXX.)
  2. Port the mesagl subsystem as shared libraries which use the gallium3D hidd subsystem to render.
  3. Port the Gallium3D nVidia example driver to the Gallium3D hidd subsytem as a base example hardware driver.
  4. Provide a few OpenGL/Mesa Demos to demonstrate the systems functionality. The system should be implemented as modular as possible using whatever code class is most suitable i.e. hidds for the main driver components and shared libraries for the mesagl apis, and possibly the llvm subsystem.


Links: Gallium3DGallium3D Wiki

References: AROS3D VideosSource code (AROS SVN)

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