Port Directory Opus 4 to AROS
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Neil Cafferkey
January 1, 2007
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Complete new port of DOpus, based on the AmigaOS 4.17 beta.


Must Have:

  1. Fix the Filename length handling listing and operations.
  2. Implement the missing NewCLI command.
  3. Port and adapt/extend External modules "DopusRT" "Iconinfo" "Format" (Format should include both support for FFS and SFS - use of external commands is acceptable).*
  4. Allow DOpus to recognize/identify SFS/FAT devices in the Disk Info window etc.
  5. Remove the OFS/FFS bug when renaming files or folders with the same name removes/deletes the selected entry.
  6. Add a command for accessing the SFS device .recycled/ dir .
  7. Allow image viewing (at least for formats supported by 68k version).
  8. Allow Click-M-click file operations.


Possible Fixes:

  • Fix right side Window border position to allow easier use of the Parent functionality. (The DOpus screen seems to be slightly bigger than the WB screen. It could be a bug in Intuition.)
  • IconInfo tool is supposed to show the icon image itself, there could potentially be problems with AROS's PNG icons.
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