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January 1, 2007
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  1. Getting the free web browser Aweb APL lite to run on Aros.
  2. The current obstacle in porting Aweb is that Aweb is based on classaction. To port Aweb you could either port the needed parts of classaction or give Aweb a new Zune interface. If you decide to give it a Zune interface than the interface only needs to have the basic features to surf.
  3. To complete the port Aweb needs to have a browser window with at least an URL line, stop, back, forward, and reload button. The html renderer and the javascript library needs to work. You should be able to visit and see the site correctly.
  4. Optional parts which are not needed to complete this first port are
    • The user preference programs
    • The Aweb plugins ( jpg/gif/png ) If you don`t port the plugins you need to verify that using the datatypes works.
    • Arexx interface.


Special Note: This project has been replaced with the Odyssey Web Browser effort that provides all the functionalities that are listed as requirements above except that it is not based on the outdated AWeb source code.

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