ACPI (Phase I)
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Pavel Fedin
November 1, 2011
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  1. Create an ACPI subsystem component for AROS. Initially it must identify availability of ACPI on a system, and parse the system ACPI tables, configuring AROS`s subsystems with the retrieved infos.
  2. Initial configuration will consist of registering found CPUs/APICs, Ints, IRQ routing etc, and enabling AROS to correctly function using the newly probed info.
  3. CPUS in SMP systems should be registered in some manner, and each set to run an idle thread except the BOOT CPU.
  4. Information from tables should be stored in an Amiga like manner (using lists etc) and available via the ACPI subsystem component.
  5. Tools should be provided to display the information contained within the ACPI subsystem component (list of tables etc and info on what the tables contain) and identify which AROS components are using the probed data. Information about SMP capable systems should also be available.


Note: While ACPI governs Power Management, it will not be considered part of this bounty neither will battery management or other system drivers using ACPI.

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