Creation of 64bit AROS Distro
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Pascal Papara
June 30, 2015
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Create an AROS Distro, codenamed Seedbanco, via SVN site with x86_64 binary packages:

  1. Create a bootable and installable AROS ISO x86_64 that will include: A. USB and existing drivers B. AROStcp and existing drivers C. Themeable Wanderer with existing themes
  2. All packages submitted to the assigned SVN will have reasonable and prudent amount of documentation with each submit.
  3. At the date of the final SVN checking for this bounty, all packages have to be up to date within the past seven days of the AROS SVN.
Gerd K
Volker W
Randy V
Bonnie Dalzell
Juha N
Thomas Scheller
Arne Haga Karstensen
Jan Blomqvist Kinander
Stefan L
Eric Renfro
Recordable Media
Bjorn H
stuart mcfarlane
Adam Stock
David Robinson
David Walkner
Francois Gutherz
Henry Francis
Jonathan McBrien
Joseph S
Kevin Kruzan
Miltiadis Melissas
Orlando Gonzalez Ferreira
Sebastien GODBILLE
Tom Dragone
Van Langford
Chris O
Robert G
Maciej Kuster
Brad M
Bryan M
Carmen Alice Ungrad
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